Welcome to Genesis Radio

Genesis Radio is a different kind of internet radio station. We take great pride in the radio programs we present to you the listener. We carefully hand pick each track that gets played on air, and we’re built on a wide variety of music that ensures that there is something here for each and every person that tunes in.

The goal in creating this station was to give our presenters a fun and productive environment to broadcast in. We have a core group of presenters that keep the station running, but our whole team is encouraged to bring their own ideas to the table. This results in happier presenters, and in turn, a better station to listen to for all involved.

When no one is on air, we offer a vast library of music selected by our automation system. This library is almost 200 gigs in size, and features music spanning everything from rock to country. You never know what song it will pick, but it generally picks something that someone out there wants to here. Plus we’ll invade it at times and throw on some tunes of our choice, so if you hear randomness, that’s likely station management!

Our presenters are unique. They all come from different places geographically, and they each have diverse backgrounds and experience levels. We offer Genesis Radio to them not only as a place to bring their shows each week, but as an opportunity and platform for them to grow and develop their own shows on. So no matter what show you’re listening to, remember that we’re Genesis Radio, and we’re the only station “Beginning With Great Music!”